Yantai Tianlong is located in the beautiful coastal city - Yantai, main hotel rooms, restaurants, clubs three services, has various types of deluxe rooms. Hoteliers do various types of catering ser...


  • Ten service allows you to meet...2016-03-17

    1, the new service allows customers always maintain a new feeling, this hotel is an important factor to attract customers. Changed daily rooms supplies, flowers updates, food, fresh ingredients, as we...

  • 5-steps to successful hotel ma...2016-03-17

    A: practicing professional skills The so-called managers should not only consider the management operations also need to be considered. The higher the office manager, the responsibility borne ...

  • Yantai seafood offers you the ...2016-03-17

    business managers can not be hands-on, but it must be perspicacious, have the ability to work out the details and become employees example, the only way companies can really meticulous work, so that ...

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